How to Better Manage Part-Time Employees

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To avoid possible issues concerning part-time and temporary employees, George Boue, VP for human resources of Florida-based real estate company called Stiles, made mention of a few tips that might help you and your non-full-time employees. One of the basic things to remember is that they should be equally valued.

According to the article found in, Mr. Boue recommends that it will do you no-good if you exclude part-timers from meetings. This will definitely let them feel that they are left-out, under-valued and unsecure in their work. It would be best if they are treated as part of the team.  Always let them know changes and updates. Be considerate when it comes to work schedules. No one would want to keep on coping with work schedules abruptly made. Give notice ahead of the changes in schedules so that you will also be spared from absents and tardy issues. Before part-timers start working for you, be sure to let them know all the policies that concerns them including benefits. If in the future you are planning to create fulltime jobs, communicate with them about it. This may even encourage them to do a better job knowing that they might have a secured job in the near future.

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